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Waystage (Beginner Level 2 – A2)


The level is intended for the beginners who already gained basic knowledge of Serbian language (level A1). Lectures include the material intended for the Waystage (Beginner Level 2 – A2) level:

  • grammar: genitive case (expressing space and time), dative case (as object, expressing direction), accusative case (expressing space and time), instrumental case (expressing space, time, means; function of object; denoting company and quality), locative case (expressing space); nouns of feminine gender ending in a consonant; conditionals, future, imperative; ordinal numbers; intentional and conditional clauses;
  • vocabulary: living, tourism (travelling, asking for information, customs), health, leisure time and hobbies;
  • communication: at the bus/train station, at the airport, in the travel agency, at the doctor's, in the supermarket, post office, bank; writing informal letters.

TEACHING MATERIAL Student's Book Naučimo srpski — Let's Learn Serbian 1, with the workbook and a CD with listening exercises, created by Isidora Bjelaković and Jelena Vojnović, and published by Faculty of Philosophy.


A2 Per day Per week Winter semester Spring semester
Number of classes 2 4 56 64


a2 Number of weeks Total number of classes TOTAL AMOUNT PER SEMESTER
Winter semester 14 56 26.400 RSD (224 €)
Spring semester 16 64 30.200 RSD (256 €)

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