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Threshold (Intermediate Level 1 – B1)


The level is intended for those who already gained competence at A2 level and want to acquire skills of more spontaneous communication. Lectures include the material intended for the Threshold (Intermediate Level 1 – B1) level:

  • grammar: cases for expressing possessiveness, quality, space, time; agreement, relative clauses, adverbs and adverbials;
  • vocabulary: family relations, occupations, body parts, describing people, clothes, leisure time, formal and informal expressions in phone conversation;
  • communication: job interview, filling in forms, enrolment to the faculty, at the hairdresser's and in the travel agency.

TEACHING MATERIAL Student's Book Naučimo srpski – Let’s Learn Serbian 2, with the workbook and two CDs with listening exercises published by the Faculty of Philosophy and Dnevnik. The authors of the book are teachers at the Department of Serbian language and linguistics.


B1 Per day Per week Winter semester Spring semester
Number of classes 2 4 56 64


B1 Number of weeks Total number of classes TOTAL AMOUNT PER SEMESTER
Winter semester 14 56 26.400 RSD (224 €)
Spring semester 16 64 30.200 RSD (256 €)

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